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So i have decided to switch back to Blogger…I have ADD and I am a woman…go figure!


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Will Ethan Marshall Please Stand UP?

That is all we do nowadays! Pull up here, pull up there, the corner of our hard iron/wood coffee table is by far his favorite place to show off his mad skills, go figure. He is now 9 months old and already flirting, eating, bathing, standing like a pro. Waiting for our 9 month check up we found a pretty 14 girl to make googlie-eyes at…she was actually sad to see us go. E-man is weighing in now at a whopping 20.5 lbs. He is all muscle and really strong. And opinionated as well. He wants anyting and everything you have. He randomly will find some paper to eat…yes paper! He is an old pro at pulling the bottom off the refridgerator…while I only learned how to put it back on a week or so ago. Already smarter than me like his sister.

I am beginning to see the light…on most days…of how much easier and fun daily life will be once Ethan is out of the baby stage and into the toddler stage. I am thankful for both my children, but it ain’t no picnic having two so close together even though we planned it that way. The way I (think) we figured was that it may be rough/tough at first but the lifetime thye will spend together & closenessof age,  will be well worth it. Abby loves her brother, again…on most days…and really gets proud of him when he does something new. I even got a “Good Boy” from Abby the other day when I did something for her. Now that was funny.


two stick kids = Ants

Upon my return from my trip to Bristol,TN. I am informed by the hubs that we have ants. This made me happy (not!) since I was wondering why the trash can was in the middle of the kitchen with no bag. After putting a bag back in the trash and putting the can in it’s “proper” place, I headed to the bedroom to change. I grabbed a trusty old t-shirt from the shelf in the closet and noticed a tiny friend on it. Then I looked at the other bazillion t-shirts and not to be left out…had little friends too! So I called our pest control company to come out and take a look. SIDE NOTE: we normally spray on a quarterly basis and this is outside perimeter b/c I don’t want the kiddos getting ahold of any chemicals. The one good thing about our new tiny friends was that in order to send them to that big ol’ ant hill in the sky, I would have to…gulp….take everything outta the closet! Well you see, I had been pregnant for the last 3 years (until now…HOORAY!!) and so it was in a bit of disarray from all of the “I might wear this again one day” pep talks. Well they came out and got rid of the friends and gave me some good and FREE tips about what I can use inside that is chemical free (ammonia + water…yay!). Then came the process of putting all of the “stuff” back into the closet. Long story short…my closet looks fabulous and organized. You know it looked bad when the Queen of Messes (aka – my two-year old princess) comes and tells you “Wow Momma, it’s clean in there!”

Onto the reason we had ants in the first place! Hence the name of this blog, my children are sticky. Eman used to be fairly un-sticky until the past few weeks. And Abs is just a lost cause. I swear she only likes things that are sticky, greasy and messy : syrup, cottage cheese, crackers, hummus, chocolate…you get the idea. Well our little guy now loves food…and by food I mean all food. Baby food, table food, your food, my food, Abby’s food, etc. He will literally whine at your feet if you don’t give him something. And don’t even think about putting him in that high chair unless the food is ready and being aimed at his mouth. I know one day I will live a “sticky” free existence and wish for the good old days when you made sure not to sit in Abby’s chair in the kitchen because of the syrup and peanut butter caked on the seat.

Anyways, onto our agenda for the holiday weekend. Taking the kiddos to AU for Tiger Walk and a little tailgating (sweating) for he parents. The next week Abs first dentist appt (high hopes on this one) and little “i mean” big man’s 9 month appt. WDE for now!

Welcome friends and family to my new blog! It is still a family blog, but I am going to try to keep it a little more real! I feel phony sometimes trying to act like motherhood is peaches, and lollipops! The truth is it is a hard job and a tiring one…but it has it’s rewards! So in an effort to “keep it real” I hope you join me on this new journey with my hubs and my TWO STICKY KIDS!!!



Anytime my hubbie or myself is chewing something or go into the kitchen, the four syllables I hear is “Whatchou eatin?” My little lady loves to eat…but she is very particular. Even things she normally like she will tell us that she doesn’t like it just so she doesn’t have to eat it! But hey…she is active and healthy and happy, so we will let her do pretty much whatever she wants 🙂

The second time around I am much less afraid of giving my little man things. Especially since he is such a big boy and seems to be saying the same four syllables as his Sissy, except its with grunts or his eyes! He has had (already) scrambled eggs, biscuit, mashed potatoes, crackers, donuts, pasta, french fries and cake! I never, EVER would have done that with the Abster, but he was ready and so was I! He has great hand-eye coordination!

A little bit of what both kiddos are doing:
-started 2yo class @ Frazer. She loves it! They do art, music, playtime and will have parties this year!
-partially potty-trained…we regressed a bit, but hey she is still young and doing good most of the time!
-Her favorites right now: PB&J sandwiches, applesauce, hummus, cottage cheese, sausage & bacon, pancakes, coffee-milk (mostly milk mixed with cool coffee) broccoli & chicken nuggets. She loves DORA, Calliou, Word World, still loves Mickey, but her favorite is Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
-She is going to bed around 9pm, and waking up round 7:30/8am. Still taking one nap on most days from about 2-4pm. If we don’t get that nap in, we normally find her wiped out around 5 or 6 only to wake up around 7 and be the GRUMPIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET…unfortunately she gets this from me 🙂
-TALKING< TALKING, Talking…which is good unless she repeats something less than favorable…mommy and daddy need to wash their mouths out 🙂 Her favorite things to say are : “chill out brother” (hears that one from me) “Thank you so much”, “Yep”, “How you doing? Abby Fine”, “Daddy workin?”, and my favorite, “I love you so much (insert name)”

-we are already in full swing of planning this little guys 1st birthday (did I really just say that? OMG!) time has flown but we are enjoying this little guy so much!
-now only eating a bottle only 3 times a day. One before breakfast, another 8 oz at noon/1 and our last one around 5 or 6.
– he is eating about 3.5 ounces of fruit or cereal for breakfast, and having about 4-6oz of veggie or pureed meat with veggie for lunch, then more cereal for dinner.
-he is on the move…boy is he! This little guy vanishes in a flash. His favorite place to go is his Sissy’s room or wherever he isn’t supposed to be. He is his fathers child. Any cord, electrical outlet, sharp object, etc…he finds and wants. Thank goodness Abs was more timid like me as a crawler.
-He LOVES his Sissy!! He wants to be wherever he is, and do whatever she is doing. She likes this most of the time!
-Loving his mommy and his daddy – unfortunately Daddy gets a horrible symphony everyday now is he doesn’t pick both up fast enough! Ethan crawls and cries behind him…loves his stinky daddy 🙂

All for now! Pictures to follow! Tootles!


Well my little guy is on the move. He started trying a few lunges forward here and there. Then outta nowhere he just took off. Now he comes to visit everywhere we go. His big sister is really starting to like her little brother and he just loves her. This morning we were having snuggy time in the bed and he tackled her. Pretty sure he is only getting beat by 3 or 4 pounds by now. Not a chubby baby, just a big boy and boy is he strong. I may have a reverse mullet hair style before the week is over. His fave thing to do is hold on to mommy by the back of her hair 🙂

He is such a happy boy…he wasn’t always this way. And I wouldn’t be either if I had terrible excema and bad bad gas. Now he is on regular formula and taking 8 ounces 4 times a day. He eats cereal for breakfast, and has 4 oz of meat and veggie for lunch, then rice cereal mixed with fruit or just a fruit for his dinner. Goes to bed around 7pm and gets up to eat at 630am. Lately I have been trying to get up then or a little before to workout, so he sometimes goes back to sleep after the morning feeding. Still has 2 naps a day. Much better napper now (thank goodness) 1-2 hours a pop! YAY!! I can get so much done during this time! Thank you for being such a sweet boy, even though you really really really love your daddy now! I cannot believe you are already 8 months old and I am planning your 1st bday! You are truly a blessing “Ghee”! Mommy loves you!

Abby is doing great potty training, besides the poop incident of 2011. We basically started over this week. She wears a pull up 99% of the day. And tells me when she needs to go potty or goes by herself. The pull up is just precaution. We never had any really luck with “real” panties. But we will try them again next week. This is working for us…so it makes sense to me. She is totally my child, and I get frustrated with her sometimes only to have to remind myself….its not her fault. I am her mom afterall 🙂 But I love her flair for accessories of all types.
Our only issue right now is the lack of her baby gate that baricaded her in her room at night. She started climbing…after all she is her fathers child too. So instead of getting hurt we decided to take it down. Now we have a visitor almost every night but once. I think this is a phase of being able to get out…but we will see. It normally doesnt bother me because she snuggles up to her daddy leaving him all 1 foot of the bed on his side, but last night I got a nice kick to the face. What a fun way to wake up. After we handle this pacies and blankets will be the next to go. Wish us luck with it…will surely not be fun 🙂
My sweet girl – you are silly, crazy, funny, loud, loving, caring, messy, “squishy”, sticky, beautiful, smart and special! We were blessed the day you were born and cannot believe how time has flown. You say the darndest things and catch us off guard all the time. Thank you for putting up with me when I am frustrated…we are so alike that can me hard sometimes! I love you my little B!

On an ending note, My Grandma or Gigi as Abby calls her ending up having double bypass instead of single bypass. She was in the CICU for over a week. And thankfully is home now and doing good. She is a tough cookie and I know she will fight to get every last bit of her strength back. After all she has two little people who can’t wait to love on their Gigi again 🙂 Get well Gigi! Behave and walk like your supposed too! We love you!

That’s all for now! Planning on having a great weekend with friends celebrating my birthday and theirs. And a kiddo free one…they are going to one of their favorite places…Mimi & Pop Pops house!

Taking pictures just got more complicated 🙂

The Greatest Woman UPDATE

My grandma will be having open heart surgery/ single bypass at Jackson Hospital early Friday morning. I feel really good about the surgery but prayers are still welcomed. Please pray for the doctors performing the surgery and for a speedy recovery. She has two little people who will be missing her while she is recovering.

The Greatest Woman…

I figured the next blog i posted would be about my fabulous trip to Kansas. But instead it is about my beloved Grandma or what my sweet Abby calls her Gigi! On Monday she will be having another heart cath and a possible stint. This is really hard for me! I know what she means to me, but it is a whole ‘nother story what she means to my children. Please pray for her Monday morning that everything goes great! She is a blessing in my life and I thank God for her everyday!

Please Join me!


Man it’s HOT

This heat outside is RIDICULOUS!! I mean seriously…for a simple errand to Target at 9am…and in order to get out the stroller, get both kiddos in, and get inside, I already look like a just did 30 on a treadmill! AHHHH! But thankfully, last year my mom and dad AKA Nana & Papa got a swimming pool at their house. I didn’t really get to enjoy it last year being a humungo preggie, and b/c Abs wouldn’t stay in too long. However, this year Abby and I got to take Mommy & Me swim classes at Wynlakes. It was really great and our teacher was FAB! Abby really got comfy in the water. It really is nice now to put her float vest and swimmies on and her just swim around the pool…shallow end of course. Before she would get in one minute and be playing around the pool instead of inside it. Now because someone wants to be soooo independent or a BIG girl as she would say it is awesome! I am so proud of my little swimmer…I mean we have a ways still to go, but for a 2 year old she is doing great!

Here are some pictures from last weekend! This was little man’s 3rd time in the pool, and I think he just loves it too! He gets hot so fast that outdoor activities aren’t a realy option for him…so he just chills in there.

How she smiles now, when I take her picture…please let it be a phase 🙂

Unless I can catch her before she knows what I’m up to 🙂

Toofies and Tee Tee

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while…I have been in the bathroom alot lately! But for good reason 🙂 Abby decided last Friday to bring me every diaper that she had wet or unfortunately pooped in. I have tried several times to start potty training…but it was just so frustrating because little man is so needy and other mom’s of more than one know sometimes you just have to suck it up and can an idea. So as grossed out almost 2 1/2 year old poops make me, I was willing to put up with it until Miss Priss decided she was ready. And I guess she was…we have been going to the potty in her princess potty since Friday night. So almost a week! It has been wonderful – except for the occasional poop on the floor or finding her putting like 10 wipes down the toilet! I finally conquered our biggest issue today (so far) which was actually wearing underwear. My child has been running around since last week without any panties on…even when we had company to cookout on the 4th. Luckily they love us and know we are weird anyways 🙂 So as of now…we are almost potty trained. She still wears a pull up for naps and for sleeping…since I don’t want to have to take all the sheets off, clean comforter…you get the drill.

My little man Ethan is growing so fast! He is sitting up good and strong, and we think he will be crawling sometime during the next month. He is a little behind his sister who started at 6 1/2 months, but not too far behind. He also got his first “toofy” yesterday! It has been white under the skin for a while…glad that sucker is out in the open. Maybe now the little guy will chill out a bit 🙂
Anyways, here are a few pictures of Ethan’s Baptism and other silly moments! All for now! Tootles!

Our precious little Ethan

Our little family

Talking all the time! I wonder where he gets it? 🙂


Sitting like a big Boy!

You guessed it…she is my child! Miss Priss and her love of dress up!